IGCSE English First Language

Your marks depends on the following criteria:

  • The specific content of the mark scheme or the generic level descriptors for the question
  • The specific skills defined in the mark scheme or in the generic level descriptors for the question
  • The standard of response required by a candidate as exemplified by the standardisation scripts.
  • Marks awarded are always whole marks (not half marks, or other fractions).
  • Marks must be awarded positively:
  • Marks are awarded for correct/valid answers, as defined in the mark scheme. However, credit is given for valid answers which go beyond the scope of the syllabus and mark scheme, referring to your Team Leader as appropriate
  • Marks are awarded when candidates clearly demonstrate what they know and can do
  • Marks are not deducted for errors
  • Marks are not deducted for omissions
  • Answers should only be judged on the quality of spelling, punctuation and grammar when these features are specifically assessed by the question as indicated by the mark scheme. The meaning, however, should be unambiguous.
  • Rules must be applied consistently e.g. in situations where candidates have not followed instructions or in the application of generic level

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IGCSE English First Language