Extra Reading Course

OET has very much clearly said why extra reading is important for a successful score in the exam.


When you read medical books, you don’t really love them! Do you? Who loves reading something she / he has been learning for many years?

  • Medical knowledge is familiar for you.
  • You have already learnt them.
  • You got bored of them!
  • You already know much of them.
  • Nobody loves exam-related reading!

What to do?

Reading something that you love and reading exam-related texts is like marrying someone you love the most and marrying someone you don’t love!

  • To help you read with love, we are introducing a special Reading Task for you all!
  • You will love reading this novel.
  • After each page, you will develop an extreme love for this book.
  • You will learn words and grammar rules, with love!

What is this Novel about?

Four astronauts, Laura, Stephanie, Sylvia and Charlotte, suddenly terminate a space mission and return to Washington. They had no permission from their superiors, especially Director Stephen Smith. Having landed, the four lock themselves in the most secure Security Vault for their own safety. They were definitely afraid of someone, their assassins!

After a few hours of silence, when the four began to feel that they were finally safe, their assassin broke into the Security Vault that could stand against missiles. Two of them were killed and one of them was taken!

There was just one left in Washington!

This novel is lovely!

The Code of Didymus

Chapter 1
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Extra Reading Course