Biju’s Skills3 LKG

Dear parents, with the pandemic undecided about its future plans, how long can you remain undecided about your little ones’ education? Tuition centers may not open for another one year and exams will be a far cry, let alone schooling as it used to be when you were kids some 25 to 30 years ago.

Skills3 is a very simple online schooling system that teaches just 3 subjects – language, mathematics and general knowledge – which will definitely empower your kids learn so much that they should be learning at the school right now.

Before you get your child ready for this course:

  1. To begin with, touch “Get Course” button. You will be asked to Log In
  2. Please Register if you are new to this or else Log In with your username and password
  3. Once you got logged in, go to “Start Course” if you are new. Or else, hit “Continue” the course.

Complete at least 1 task everyday.

NB: Do not shout at your kids while you lecture. In most cases, kids do not like to be lectured upon by their mothers and fathers or even by their elder siblings.

Alphabet A
9 questions
Alphabet B
8 questions
Alphabet C
9 questions
Alphabet D
8 questions
Alphabet E
9 questions
Alphabet F
10 questions
Alphabet G
9 questions
Alphabet H
9 questions
Alphabet I
8 questions

Alphabet J
8 questions

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Biju’s Skills3 LKG