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The Adventures in a Banyan Tree will bring you back to your childhood days. It reminds us that we should live in harmony with nature. Being one with nature is always mesmerizing. Have you ever got a chance to spend your leisure time with nature? Let’s read how a boy experienced and blended with the essence of nature.

Some Sample Questions

How did the squirrel become a friend of the boy?

The squirrel found that the boy had no catapult or air-gun. Then the boy started giving him pieces of cake and biscuits. He grew bolder and took food from his hands. He even searched for the boy’s pockets.

What did the friends of the squirrel think about his ‘ friendship with a human? What might have made them think so?

They thought he was headstrong and foolish for trusting a human being. They thought so because human beings kill the squirrels for their meat, skin and even for fun.

How was the banyan tree the noisiest place during the fig season?

It was the noisiest place during the fig season because different birds and animals came to eat the figs. The birds were mainly bulbul, rosy-pastors, parrots and crows. These birds and animals made different noises.

How did the boy make the spring season exciting for himself?

He built a platform on the banyan tree and he spent the cool afternoons there. He brought cushions to sit on and he propped himself on a branch. Sitting there he read books or observed the things going on around.

What was the incident that triggered a long-lasting excitement for the boy in summer?

It was a fight between a black cobra and a mongoose. A myna and a crow were also involved in the fight. At the end of the fight, the cobra and the crow die. Cobra dies because of the bites by the mongoose and the crow dies as it is struck by the cobra.

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Adventures in a Banyan Tree

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Adventures in a Banyan Tree

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Adventures in a Banyan Tree

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The Grey Squirrel and the White Rat
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Adventures in a Banyan Tree

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Adventures in a Banyan Tree – Ruskin Bond