The Fun They Had – Isaac Asimov


The fun they had is a futuristic imagination of the writer. He presents two children who live in the 2157 (and we are in 2022 as I prepare these notes).

Questions and Answers

Short question and answers

  1. How old are Margie and Tommy?
    Margie is eleven and Tommy is thirteen.
  2. What did Margie write in her diary?
    She wrote in her diary that her friend Tommy found an old, real book.
  3. Had Margie ever seen a book before?
    No, Margie hadn”t seen any books before.
  4. What things about the book did she find strange?
    Margie found th it strange at the words printed on the book stood still instead of moving the way they did on a screen. She also found it that the words on a page always remained the same as the first time they were read.
  5. What do you think a telebook is?
    A telebook can be an online book which can be browsed using internet. It can also be displayed through TV signals on TV screen.
  6. Where was Margie’s school?
    Her school was near to her bedroom and she didn’t have any classmates.
  7. What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?
    They learned history, geography and Mathematics

Answer the questions with reference to the story

  1. “I wouldn’t throw it away.”

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The Fun They Had – Isaac Asimov