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Ready to approach OET Speaking in a different way? We call it Melons Method of Speaking. It will be interesting!

  • M Meeting: A warm wishing is the starting point of a conversation.
  • E Enquiring: Ask questions to gather more about the speaker and his / her concerns.
  • L Listening: Listening is essential in speaking. Without listening, you cannot speak fluently.
  • O: Offer: Offering is all about giving. Giving solutions for the listener.
  • N Neutralize: As in any conversation, we cannot solve a problem the listener is facing. So, if you try to solve completely, you will not succeed. So, neutralizing is partial solution.
  • Summarizing: A good conversation, especially a medical / business one, ends when the speaker summarizes the upshot of what was spoken so far.

Welcome to Melons Speaking. Count your fingers!

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Answering Questions
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Showing Empathy
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A Diabetes Patient 1
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Using Connectors

However Vs Although
Additionally / In Addition to This
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