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OET Letter Case Notes

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OET Letter Case Notes


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      Ryan and Rohan

      Case note 3




      Read the case notes below and complete the writing task which follows.

      Ryan and Rohan are patients in a new-born ICU where you are the NICU charge nurse at Royal Woman’s Hospital, Sydney. Mother is already discharged and babies are yet to be discharged.

      Age                                       1 week old babies.
      Address                               1278 Over the Avenue
      Victoria, Sydney 0099
      Mother                                Mrs Angelina Mickle, DOB 19/10/1995
      Had gestational diabetes mellitus during antenatal period.
      Attended all antenatal visits.

      Father: Mickle Luke, 34 years, graphic designer.

      Other children                   Reyona Mickle, 2 years

      Medical History                 Mrs Mickle’s admission date – 08.01.2019;

      • Complained of foetal distress due to cord entanglement;
      • Caesarean section done at midnight, day of admission.

      Patient 1 Details – Ryan, 3 days, first baby

      • Aspirated meconium
      • ↓ HR, ↑ RR, bluish discoloration on upper and lower extremities;
      • Apgar 4/10, poor sucking O2 2L/hr
      • Weight: 2.5 kg
      • Fraternal twins (dizygotic)
      • Diagnosis confirmed through chest X-ray and blood gas test.
      • Medical progress – 17.01.19 Poor sucking.

      Nursing management   

      • Prophylactic antibiotic therapy,
      • Ampicillin 50 mg BD, Gentamycin 15 mg BD
      • Radiant warmer therapy
      • IV Fluid DNS
      • Oxygen therapy (via tent)
      • CPAP for 3 days after delivery

      Patient 2 Details – Rohan, 3 days, second baby

      • Weight: 2 kg at the time of birth
      • Poor sucking, Apgar 6/10, HR good, ↓RR
      • Both are expelled meconium.


      • Cleft lip and cleft palate;
      • Mother depressed.

      Nursing Management

      • IVF DNS therapy
      • Oxygen therapy (via tent)
      • Radiant warmer therapy to continue till he gains weight.

      General Discharge Plan

      • Roshan needs radiant warmer therapy;
      • Monitor sucking ability of both children;
      • Continue IVF therapy (both children);
      • Roshan needs paediatric surgical consultation.
      • Monitor their weight everyday;
      • Needs psychological support for their family especially for their mother.

      Writing Task

      Using the information given in the case notes, write a referral letter to MS Daniela Robertson, New-born Specialist Nurse, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick NSW, Australia. Inform her of the current situation, medical background of the new born babies and requesting an immediate management for both babies.

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