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OET Day 16

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OET Day 16



An OET assessor would never be satisfied with the commonplace expressions. They are all copies!

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Dear OET students, I have prepared this page on account of many of your request to draft new sentences to replace the age-old cliche lines that have been copied by ever OETian across the globe. The purpose of these lines is that assessors would find these lines better than those existing, oft-repeated lines. Kindly do not fill your letters with so many of these lines because that would make your letter look odd and weird. I recommend picking up two or three of them. And one more thing, keep visiting this page for newer phrases and expressions.

Introductory Paragraph

Purpose of the Letter + Patient Information

This letter would accompany Ms Susan who is being transferred back to your facility after an unsuccessful surgery for her diabetes complication.

I am writing to update the recent medical history of Mr Ali, a known case of yours for the last four years, back to your care for his speedy recovery.

Here is a case that would call all your faculties immediately to investigate all possible causes of Mr Reno’s undiagnosed condition.

Admission Paragraph

Admission, Diagnosis, Tests

Mr Albin was brought in here this morning, with acute pain in the abdomen and wheezing.

Having been brought here on Monday, 12th of this month with symptoms suggestive of hernia, Mr Reno underwent all tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Ms Stella requested to be admitted here three days ago with symptoms suggestive of appendicitis.

Ms Martin got admitted to this facility on 15 July with the complaint of angina.

Medical History

Treatment, Surgery, Medicines

Mr Reno’s eventful medical history unfolds a number of diseases of which he has been a victim since 2011.

Past Medical History

Past Admissions, Disease, Family history

May I also remind you that Mr Reno had an attack of asthma with recurring coughs when he was hardly 5 years.

She underwent radiological assessments along with routine investigations which concluded her diagnosis as coronary artery disease.

Presently, she underwent an angioplasty which was uneventful and continues her ongoing medications.

She is recuperating well and will be discharged tomorrow.

Patient's Present Condition

Postoperative Improvement, Medicines

At present Mr Reno has crossed a fatally critical stage thanks to the care we have provided.

Nursing Management

Postoperative Improvement, Medicines

Mr Reno is under medications such as astriopino and bronchi-cure syrup.

It is worth noting that Ms Martin is advised to perform light exercises as she is not supposed to lift heavy weights for 12 weeks and she is suspected to be in danger of social isolation as her family support is little.

Kindly continue the ongoing monitoring and care for her better health.

Social History

Why the patient needs help

A gardener by profession, Mr Reno earns a very low monthly income that supports his three member damily.

Due to a recent financial crisis due to shortage of raw materials in his company, Mr Reno has the worst time in his life .

Ms Martin who lives alone in Greenville leads a sedentary lifestyle and depends on a meals-on-wheels service.

She has the a strong family history of coronary artery disease and associated comorbidities since 2008 for which she underwent an interventional treatment in the same year.

Ms Martin wears a hearing aid to comply with her hearing problems.


Sender's Requests to the Receiver

Thank you for taking over the care of Mr Reno and his wife into your care.

In view of the above circumstances, it would be beneficial if you could monitor Ms Martin’s adherence to postoperative medications, exercise and dietary regime.

Please encourage him to perform deep breathing exercises and to increase his fluid intake.

It is worth noting that his medications need to be continued for the next 5 days.

Kindly continue the ongoing care and monitoring for Mr Griffith.

All pertinent documents obtained during his confinement are enclosed with this letter and an email will follow with the same attached.

My heartfelt gratitude for your willingness to involve in such a critical case like Mr Reno’s.

Closing Lines

A few words of thanks

I would be happy to get involved in the care of Mr Reno by furnishing any other information that would help you render the best home care for him.

Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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100 IELTS Corrections
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