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Dear Mr Examiner

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Dear Mr Examiner

Gareth Owen

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Questions and Answers

  1. What were the things that the narrator did before he started the examination?
    The narrator read the questions on the exam carefully and wrote his name, the year, month and day in the answer sheet. 
  2. What were Mandy and Angela Smythe doing during the exam?
    Mandy had written ten pages which the narrator says were probably frightful guff and Angela Smythe was copying answers off her cuff.
  3. What were the adults doing at that time?
    Mothers were running errands and grandmothers were sipping tea while unemployed men where doing crosswords or watching T.V
  4. What are some of the sounds the narrator hears while sitting in the class?
    The chugging of a mover and pealing of a cathedral clock are some of the sounds that the narrator hears while sitting in the class.
  5. The poet said that Miss Quinlan’s face is ‘an absolute mask’. Explain the meaning of the line. Why do you think her face was a mask?
    It shows that Miss Quinlan’s face doesn’t show her reaction to the narrator’s answers but hides her feelings. As a teacher, she had to hide her feelings so that the students didn’t come to know how they had fared until the results were published.
  6. Who is the narrator? What favor does he ask from the examiner?
    The narrator is an examinee and he asks the examiner to do him a favor by giving him marks for having written the date and his name.

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