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Day 2

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Day 2

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Today’s Tips

  1. Write anything but make sure they are not “abstract.” That means, a fifth class student should be able to understand your point of view.
  2. Do not try to impress the assessor by including high-end vocabulary and “philosophical ideas.”

Task 2

People try new dangerous sports such as sky-diving or rock -climbing. Should such sports be banned?

Nowadays people are fond of trying something different.Dangerous sports namely sky-diving and rock -climbing are found appealing to many because of its diversity. Even though they are dangerous, people go after them due to their thrilling effects. Experts in this field bring fame to the country. This essay shall explain that such sports should not be banned and list out the reasons for the same.

People are now living a hectic life. They are busy with their works and do not have time to spare. In this scenario, they try sports which is risky to get an adrenaline-rush. This helps to reduce boredom and work pressure. It is performed mainly by youngsters. They feel refreshed and relaxed after trying such sports. However, many get injured after doing those due to their negligence and also by approaching non-licensed teams.

Government is trying to ban those dangerous sports due to their risky nature. This is not a solution. Risky sports must be conducted only by licensed coaches and must use protective measures before doing them. Government cannot ban anything without analyzing its solutions. Such sports should  be conducted by government-approved agencies and individuals who try those sports must wear protective measures. In this way,these can be performed.

Countries obtain fame by developing experts in this field. Awards and achievements can be obtained by masters in such sports. This increases the pride of the country. Each country can boast about its achievement. Therefore, it is evident that these sports should not be banned unless protective measures are taken.

To conclude,sports make man physically and mentally healthy. In addition to that, dangerous sports with protective measures make people more refreshed. It helps people more enthusiastic. Authorities should make sure that coaches of sports are well trained and are licensed. By using precautionary measures such sports become less dangerous. Therefore, they should not be banned.


Add or remove as many words to make the following phrases meaningful.

  1. It provides a wide opportunities…
  2. Art work helps the society to realize their ancient cultures…
  3. Art is the best evidences of history…
  4. Artwork encourages the tourist visitors…
  5. This show helps to improve the rate of foreigners…

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