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Using “compliance and comply” in OET

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Look at these sentences:

  • She has had poor compliance with analgesics.
  • She has not been compliant with this medication regiment.
  • She has not yet complied with Warfarin.

What is the difference?

  • Compliance is a noun form, so, use “compliance” as you use “She has pain…”
  • Compliant is an adjective form, so, use “is complaint” as you use “She is ill…”
  • Comply is the verb form, so, use “comply” as in “She responded to…”

Proceed to the Quiz!

  • Question of

    Mr Parker _________ the medicines administered post-surgery.

    • has compliant to
    • is compliant to
    • is compliance to
  • Question of

    Ms Lee’s prognosis is positive, evidenced with her fast _______ analgesics.

    • compliant to
    • compliance to

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