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Role Play – Mother with Memory Loss

SETTING | Community Health Centre


Your mother is now eighty years old and is becoming somewhat forgetful. You are visiting your local health centre to obtain information about your mother’s most recent health report. She is a very independent person and does not like your interfering in her personal affairs. However, she told you recently that when she had her three monthly check-ups, the doctor said her cholesterol level was fairly high. The purpose of your visit is to learn more about cholesterol and how best to reduce it.


  • If the nurse doesn’t explain it find out what cholesterol is.
  • Ask what the doctor meant by a fairly high level of cholesterol.
  • Explain that you are concerned that her condition could develop into something worse.
  • Ask what the nurse considers your mother’s cholesterol level should be.
  • Ask for advice about what your mother should do to lower her cholesterol level.

SETTING Community Health Centre


The son/daughter of an eighty-year-old woman has come to ask for information about cholesterol. He/she wants information about his/her mother’s current cholesterol level and how best to reduce it.


  • Find out what the son/daughter already knows about cholesterol.
  • Inform your visitor about what cholesterol is (fat-like material present in the blood and most tissues) and about types of cholesterol (high density lipoproteins (HDL) good, low-density lipoproteins (LDL)-bad).
  • Tactfully explain that if the fatty deposits are lodged in the arteries, this can lead to heart disease or stroke.
  • Explain what the doctor meant by a fairly high level of cholesterol (i.e., elevated above 5.5 mmols/liter in the blood).
  • Advice your visitor about how his/her mother can best deal with her cholesterol (e.g., avoid saturated fats and eat more fiber, etc.).

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