Present Tense

The simple present tense is used:

  1. To express habits, general truths, repeated actions or unchanging situations, emotions and wishes:
    I smoke (habit); I work in London (unchanging situation); London is a large city (general truth)
  2. To give instructions or directions:
    You walk for two hundred meters, then you turn left.
  3. To express fixed arrangements, present or future:
    Your exam starts at 09.00
  4. To express future time, after some conjunctions: after, when, before, as soon as, until:
    He’ll give it to you when you come next Saturday.


For habits

  • He drinks tea at breakfast.
  • She only eats fish.
  • They watch television regularly.

For repeated actions or events

  • We catch the bus every morning.
  • It rains every afternoon in the hot season.
  • They drive to Monaco every summer.

For general truths

  • Water freezes at zero degrees.
  • The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  • Her mother is Peruvian.

For instructions or directions

  • Open the packet and pour the contents into hot water.
  • You take the No.6 bus to Watney and then the No.10 to Bedford.

For fixed arrangements

  • His mother arrives tomorrow.
  • Our holiday starts on the 26th March

With future constructions

  • She’ll see you before she leaves.
  • We’ll give it to her when she arrives.

Get ready for the test! Here is the Quiz below!

  1. She ______ to drink a cup of coffee every day.
  2. She ______ an occasional drinker.
  3. She ______ no history of known allergies.
  4. Although Mrs Davies _____ mobilize short distances with her walker, weight bearing was restricted for the next 6 days.
  5. She ______ mild hyperlipidemia, mild hypertension, coronary artery disease since 2020.
  6. She ______ a long history of osteoporosis.
  7. She _____ admitted and will be discharged tomorrow.
  8. Mrs Davies _____ left hip hemiarthroplasty and is recovering.

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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