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Patient’s Name

Repeating the Patient’s Name!

  • When you have to mention the patient for the first time in a new paragraph, write the patient’s name.
  • When you have to repeat the patient’s name for a second, third, fourth and fifth time, use pronouns.
  • If you have to refer to the patient for more than once in a sentence, use one name and others pronouns.

NB: We do this because there are chances that the recipient forgets the name of the patient!

Get ready!

  • Patient Name: Mrs Brampton

Fill the blanks with the patient’s name or pronouns (he, his, him; she, her).

  1. On the 10th of this month, |Mrs Brampton| was admitted with breathing difficulty and slight fever. Having confirmed the aforementioned diagnosis with a chest X-ray, |her| medication was commenced on Amoxicillin and supplementary oxygen. On the subsequent days |she| developed a productive cough which was treated with Pravastatin 20 mg daily and Celecoxib 100 mg daily. Deep breathing exercises and non-smoking regime with the help of nicotine patches along with Zyban 150mg twice daily was thereafter initiated for |her|.
  2. It would be greatly appreciated if you could monitor |Mrs Brampton’s| medication compliance and cessation of smoking. |She| has been advised to continue nicotine patches and Zyban until |her| smoking addiction has been under control. If side effects such as dry mouth and difficulty in sleeping occur, stop Zyban as soon as possible. |She| also requires assistance from Meals on Wheels for nutritious diet and Council Home Help for house-keeping. In addition to these, |she| should be provided assistance with shopping.

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.


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