OET Speaking Role Play – Knee Fracture

Look at the Role Play Cards:

Setting: Hospital

Patient: You are a patient who is recovering from a minor knee fracture. A nurse visits you in the morning to deliver your breakfast. You want to know when you can get discharge from the hospital as you are a student who has exams next month.


Ask your nurse:

  • When you can go to your home
  • How you can recover from this knee fracture (time duration)
  • Is there anything you can do to bring improvement in your present condition…..?

Setting: Hospital

You are a nurse talking to the patient who is recovering from minor knee fracture. The patient asks you of when he / she can be able to go home as he / she has exams next month.


As a nurse, assure him / her that:

  • He / she will be alright soon
  • He / she can take the exam as well; and,
  • Advice him / her of the importance of taking medicine on time
  • Suggest some easy exercises that will help bring some improvement in his / her knee


Mr Parker: Good morning, Ms Green. Eh, yes, it is time I got a discharge. I wonder what is delaying my discharge.

Nurse: Mr Parker, as you can see, your discharge is being delayed for a while. I hope to see you off in two days.

Mr Parker: Two days? Are you kidding, Nurse? Why?

Nurse: I understand, Mr Parker, that you are having a little hard time here, but it is important that you get well fully!

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  1. Hi good morning ! my name is Marisha Thomas , I am one of the registered nurses working in this department. I came to deliver your breakfast . how are you feeling today? Ok could you please tell me your name and age for my documentation. Thank you for answering me. You look so anxious me know the reason please. Yes John you will be alright. See John I can understand your situation but you know this is your second day and you need a complete rest otherwise you may get further complications. John by John you can you can take your exams but when you get recovered well. right zone you can take your exams properly better you need to take a complete rest for rest and you need to follow the instructions and the proper medication then only you can take your exams properly right ? are you following me John. Of course you can I do some mild exercises to your mobility. here we have a physiotherapist. I will inform him about your condition and he will assess your help and he will be instructive the instructive some exercises suitable for you would that be fine Mr John. Ok jaan anything you like to ask me? Well John I hope I have cleared all your doubts.I will show you that if you are following the instructions and instructions and the proper follow the proper medications along with an adequate rest and some exercises then definitely you will get well soon. Thank you for listening to me have a nice day and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. Good morning, I am vithya. One of the registered nurses working in this warm. To my clarification can you tell me your name please. Thankuyou Mr X. Today am assigned to take care of you. Did you had your breakfast? Well, mr x i will clarify your doubts, before that this is the correct time to have your breakfast. Thank you for accepting my request. From your case notes i came to know that you had mild knee fracture. Am i right?Please tell me what’s bothering you today. I am understanding your consent. I assure that you will recover very soon as well as you can attend your exam next month. For your condition it is a mild fracture only. Therefore, i will you some instructions and this will help you to recover very soon. Do you follow with me. Thanks mr x. First of all i request you to take your medicine correct time and correct dose, until your doctor’s advise. Can you follow this. Well, finally i suggest you to do some mild exercises for eg walking ups and downs and stretch your knees. With your permission i request to visit our physiotherapist. He will assess you and suggest some exercises as well as he clarify your douts . Is it ok for you. Thanks mr x. Now what am going to do i make a call our physiotherapist and request to visit as soon as possible. I hope i clear all your doubts. I wish you to get well soon.

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