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01 November 2016

Mr Amit Kumar
Suite 5 ,379 Swanston Street

Dear Mr Kumar,

Re: Mr Tom Clarke; DoB: 2 September 1954

This is to request home visits for Mr Tom Clarke who requires rehabilitation programs. He has been recuperating from left elbow injury.

Under my care for the last 3 months at our facility, Mr Clarke presented today with stiffness and limited range of motion of the elbow.

Initially, on 26 August 2016, Mr Clarke presented following a motorbike accident which resulted in the fracture of the coronoid process of the ulna, marrow oedema of the head and neck of the radius with moderate joint effusion. He was advised [i love this!! You are wow!] to use a sling for 6 weeks and a hot compress in addition to medication. When he revisited after 6 weeks as per schedule, an x-ray revealed a well healing injury, and [?] therefore [is “therefore” allowed?] the sling was removed. He was advised to initiate an exercise program at home and his medication was commenced on Tab D gain and CM plus every four hours.

A sports enthusiast, Mr Clarke has had well-controlled hypertension for more than 3 decades and is on Tab Ramipril. He is a retired army officer and lives with wife and two daughters.

In view of the promising prognosis that Mr Clarke has at present and considering the expected full range of motion, it would be appreciated if you could visit him and initiate physiotherapy sessions and assist him in day-to-day activities. Of note, his home address and phone number are enclosed herewith.

If you require any information than provided here, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Senior Nurse
Helpline Hospital.

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