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Melons™ L1 – Set 1

Health services exist to meet the health needs of clients, so the delivery of health services should be designed to meet those needs. A focus on the client examines how and whether each step in a process is relevant to meeting client needs and eliminates steps that do not ultimately lead to client satisfaction or desired client outcomes. This focus on the client can be achieved by gathering information about clients and then designing services to cater to the needs that are discovered. Client-focused organizations meet client needs and expectations, thereby providing higher quality care. This encourages clients to return when they need additional care and to recommend the services to others.

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  • Question of

    Meet the health needs of clients:

    • Find out the health needs of clients
    • Understand the health needs of clients
    • Fulfill the health needs of clients
  • Question of

    Delivery of health services:

    • Receiving health services
    • Providing health services
    • Betterment of health services
  • Question of


    • Planned
    • Expected to
    • Determined to
  • Question of

    A focus on the client:

    • Client satisfaction
    • Client-centered
    • Client feedback
  • Question of

    How and whether:

    • How to do something and how much
    • How to do something and if that is the right method
    • How to do something and till when
  • Question of

    Each step in a process:

    • Some steps in a process, individually
    • One step in a process
    • All steps in a process, individually
  • Question of


    • Completely
    • Exclusively
    • Finally
  • Question of

    Can be achieved:

    • 40% possibility for achieving
    • 50% possibility for achieving
    • 60% + possibility for achieving
  • Question of

    Gathering information:

    • Providing information
    • Collecting information
    • Making sure the information is correct
  • Question of

    Designing services:

    • Providing services
    • Services like designing plans of medical devices
    • Make services available
  • Question of

    Cater to the needs:

    • Know what is needed
    • Provide what is needed
    • Ask what is needed
  • Question of

    The paragraph states that:

    • Every patient is a satisfied client
    • Every patient should be treated as a client
    • Every patient should be satisfied

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