L1 Training – Vocabulary Day 1

Vocabulary or a collection of fine words stored in your memory helps you with Reading and Listening in particular and with Speaking and Writing in general. Take your time and learn these words on a daily basis. Do not get tired.

  • Question of

    Fractures (buckle or break in the bone) often ____ following direct or indirect injury, e.g. twisting, violence to bones.

    • detect
    • react
    • occur
  • Question of

    Clinically, fractures are either closed, where the skin is ____, or compound, where there is a break in the overlying skin.

    • inact
    • intact
    • enact
  • Question of

    Dislocation is where a bone is completely ____ from the joint.

    • replaced
    • misplaced
    • displaced
  • Question of

    It often results ____ injuries away from the affected joint, e.g. elbow dislocation after falling on an outstretched hand.

    • in
    • from
    • into
  • Question of

    Sprain is a partial disruption of a ____ or capsule of a joint.

    • ligament
    • adjuvant
    • liagment
  • Question of

    ____ complete patient history, including circumstances and method of injury.

    • sustain
    • obtain
    • abstain
  • Question of

    Enquire about ____ use, e.g. warfarin.

    • coagulant
    • anticoagulance
    • anticoagulant
  • Question of

    Examine and record color, warmth, movement, and sensation in hands and feet of injured _____(s)

    • limb
    • limp
    • lymb
  • Question of

    Check whether the limb is out of shape or bigger peripheral pulses are ____.

    • palpitable
    • palpable
    • palable
  • Question of

    ____ the site of the fracture/dislocation using a plaster back slab to reduce pain.

    • Cover
    • Splint
    • Sprint
  • Question of

    Elevate the limb – a _____ for arm injuries, a pillow for leg injuries.

    • sling
    • bandage
    • plastering
  • Question of

    If allergic to morphine, use _____.

    • femiline
    • fentone
    • fentanyl
  • Question of

    Consider compartment syndrome where pain is severe and _____ by splinting and elevation or two doses of analgesia.

    • unrelenting
    • unrelieved
    • undiagnosed
  • Question of

    Measure _____ of non-compression cotton stockinette from half way up the middle finger to just below the elbow.

    • a width
    • a length
    • a height
  • Question of

    Width should be 2–3 cm more than the width of the ______ forearm.

    • distant
    • dorsal
    • distal
  • Question of

    Wrap cotton padding over top for the full length of the stockinette – 2 layers, 50% ______.

    • overlap
    • overarm
    • oversize
  • Question of

    Measure a length of plaster of Paris 1 cm shorter than the padding/stockinette at ______ ______.

    • each end
    • each ends
    • every ends
  • Question of

    Fold the roll in about ten _____ to the same length.

    • rolls
    • layers
    • meters
  • Question of

    Immerse the layered plaster in a bowl of room temperature water, holding on to each end and gently _____ out the excess water.

    • squince
    • askew
    • squeeze
  • Question of

    _____ any jewelry is removed from the injured limb.

    • engage
    • Ensure
    • insure

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Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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