Irregular Verbs – R

Read read read

  • The second and third verb forms are pronounced “red”, not “reed”
  • “Her test reports read positive.” (Pronounce “red”)

Redo redid redone
Redraw redrew redrawn
Regrind reground reground
Regrow regrew regrown

Relay (for example tiles) relaid relaid
Relay (pass along) regular relayed relayed

relearn relearned / relearnt [?] Relearned / relearnt [?]
Relight relit / relighted relit / relighted
remake remade remade
repay repaid repaid
reread reread reread
rerun reran rerun
resell resold resold
resend resent resent
reset reset reset
resew resewed resewn / resewed
retake retook retaken
reteach retaught retaught
retear retore retorn
retell retold retold
rethink rethought rethought
retread retread retread
retrofit retrofitted / retrofit [?] Retrofitted / retrofit [?]
Rewake rewoke / rewaked rewaken / rewaked
rewear rewore reworn
reweave rewove / reweaved rewoven / reweaved
rewed rewed / rewedded rewed / rewedded
rewet rewet / rewetted [?] Rewet / rewetted [?]
Rewin rewon rewon
rewind rewound rewound
rewrite rewrote rewritten
rid rid rid
ride rode ridden
ring rang rung
rise rose risen
roughcast roughcast roughcast
run ran run

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Written by Biju John

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