Irregular Verbs – C & D

Medical Verbs

Cut cut cut
Crossbreed crossbred crossbred
Cast cast cast

General Terms

Catch caught caught
Choose chose chosen
Cling clung clung
Clothe clothed / clad [?] Clothed / clad [?]
Come came come
Cost cost cost
Creep crept crept

General Terms

Draw drew drawn
Drink drank drunk
Drive drove driven
Dwell > dwelt / dwelled > Dwelt / dwelled

Daydream > daydreamed / daydreamt > Daydreamed / daydreamt
Deal dealt dealt
Dig dug dug
Disprove disproved disproved / disproven
Dive (jump head-first) dove / dived dived
Do did done
Dream dreamed / dreamt > Dreamed / dreamt

  • Question of

    Mr Parker ____ his finger into the flesh.

    • Dig
    • Dug
    • Digged
  • Question of

    What have you ____ to resuscitate the newborn?

    • did
    • do
    • done
  • Question of

    Well, I _____ blood into a sterile syringe for examination.

    • draw
    • drew
    • drawn
    • drowed
  • Question of

    Yesterday the baby ____ to his mother’s breast but did not suck.

    • cling
    • clinged
    • clung
    • clunged
  • Question of

    Mr Parker _____ the right therapy but did not improve even after three months.

    • chose
    • choose
    • choosed
    • chosen

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