List of Preposition

Aboard, about, above, according to, across, after, against, ahead of, along, amid, amidst, among, around, as, as far as, as of, aside from, at, athwart, atop, because of, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, besides, between, beyond, but (when it means except), by, by means of, despite, down, due to, during, except, except for, excluding, far from, following, for, from, in, in accordance with, in addition to, in case of, in front of, in lieu of, in place of, in spite of, including, inside, instead of, into, near, next to, notwithstanding, of, off, on, on account of, on behalf of, on top of, onto, opposite, out, out of, outside, over, past, plus, prior to, regarding, regardless of, save, since, than, through, throughout, till, to, toward, towards, under, underneath, unlike, until, up, upon.

Prepositions used in Medical Writing

Incorrect Correct
She had septoplasty since 1982 and 1985 respectively. She had septoplasty in 1982 and 1985 respectively.
He has had hypertension in 1985. He has had hypertension since 1985.
He is with Ramipril. He is with Ramipril.
She was diagnosed as fractured left NOF. She was diagnosed with fractured left NOF.

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Vocabulary – Medical Adjectives