Day 6 Speaking Tasks

Open-ended and closed–ended Questions

You have to ask questions to the patient to understand the case completely. There are two kinds of questions:

  1. Open-ended: Patient can answer anything.
  2. Closed-ended: Patient can say either “yes” or “no.”

Introductory Question 5

How, as a medical professional, do you feel when you are stressed

Role Play Question

Mrs Elizabeth has been brought to to Aster Medicare, Adelaide. The latter has had a fall three days ago but it was not taken seriously as there was neither pain nor symptoms of fracture. However, today her daughter Anne and her husband Stephen brought Mrs Elizabeth to the hospital. As Mrs Elizabeth is waiting for her turn, Ms Anne and Stephen are in conversation with a nurse, Mr Peter, seeking advice.

Question 6

That was a great way of explaining, Mr Peter. I hope you wouldn’t think I like asking all kinds questions but, do you know, you are very much convincing and anyone feels relieved! Let me ask you, I honestly do not like to bring her to the hospital for the obvious reason that corona-virus is still making its rounds. How far are the aged safe when they are brought it to hospitals?

  • Question of

    What is your role in this role-play?

    • A doctor
    • A nurse
    • A pharmacist
  • Question of

    Who is the patient / carer?

    • Son of an aged lady
    • daughter of an aged lady
    • Son and daughter of an aged lady

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