Correct Usage 16 – Shuffling of Tense

Incorrect Shuffling of Tense!

It is a common trend that many of us shuffle the tenses when not needed. Indeed, we have to shuffle tenses in a paragraph but we should be careful!

Correct Shuffling (Writing)

  • Ms Greta was admitted with abdominal distress on 12th this month. (Simple Past)
  • Earlier, she was diagnosed with acute constipation. (Simple Past)
  • Since the second day, she has been on antibiotics. (Present Perfect)
  • After three days, at present, she is feeling better. (Simple Present)
  • Tomorrow, she will be discharged. (Simple Future)

Note: Tense is flowing from past to future!

Incorrect Shuffling (Speaking)

  • See Mr Parker, this is not a condition you have to worry about.
  • This sort of soreness happened happens to most people of your age.
  • It will occur occurs only for a day and then get gets well.

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  • Question of

    Mr Parker, you have brought your father at the right time. If you ___, he could have gone into a coma.

    • have delayed
    • had delayed
    • delayed
  • Question of

    I should have thought of it but I ___ to check it when he fell. You see, I was scared!

    • fail
    • failed
    • had failed
  • Question of

    Would you mind my feeling your pulse? It ___ like your pulse is a little unsteady.

    • is appearing
    • appears
    • appeared
  • Question of

    Regarding her medical history, Ms Lee has had glucoma since 2010 and ___ contact lenses.

    • is using
    • uses
    • used
  • Question of

    Initially, on 15 July, Mrs Marshal ___ of severe tiredness and weakness.

    • complaints
    • complained
    • was complaining
    • was complained
  • Question of

    On assessment, ___ an elevated blood pressure of 180/95.

    • she is found to have
    • she was found to have
    • she was found as having
  • Question of

    Although she was treated with supportive medication, her condition ___ now.

    • worsened
    • has worsened
    • is worsened
  • Question of

    For this, nitroglycerin trans-dermal patch and oxygen therapy ___ as an emergency management since this morning.

    • were provided
    • have been provided
    • have provided
    • provided

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