OET New Styles and Expressions

OET keeps announcing “Don’ts” almost every week but often they do not clearly say what the Dos are. Below, you can read some good expressions instead of the outdated expressions:

1. Instead of “above information”:

In view of the deteriorating condition that Mrs Marshal is in at present and considering their future complications she will have to go through, it would be appreciated if you could provide her emergency admission and treatment.

2. Discharge

Look at the second sentence and see how discharge status is presented. Copy this style:

3. Mr Billy was admitted on 12th March with the “above mentioned condition…”

How to replace “the above mentioned condition” in the second paragraph?

Try this:

After being admitted on the 12th of March with nodular basal cell carcinoma in the neck, Mr Billy underwent its removal on the next day.

Tips: Do not mention the full diagnosis. Suppose it is “nodular basal cell carcinoma in the neck”, mention “carcinoma” in the first paragraph. You can write the full diagnosis in the second paragraph.

OET is looking for your unique qualities!

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